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Tour the Sunflower Nonprofit Center

Driven by the belief that a strong nonprofit sector contributes to the health, quality of life and economic stability in a community, in October 2021, Sunflower Foundation opened the Sunflower Nonprofit Center in the location we now call Healing Hill. The center serves as both a permanent home for the foundation and an investment in […]

Trail Appreciation Day 2023

Many of the Sunflower Trails partners included in this video joined us on January 30 at Sunflower State Trail Appreciation Day 2023 and helped make the event a great success! The work they are doing in trails is helping improve the health and quality of life for Kansans in every corner of the state.

Dr. Chen and Recipe4Health

The keynote speaker for the afternoon session of the Food is Medicine Learning Collaborative, held Aug. 24, 2022, at the Sunflower Nonprofit Center’s Powerhouse Education Center, was Dr. Steven Chen, Chief Medical Officer for All In Alameda County. He is using an innovative and integrative approach to providing health care in Alameda County, Calif., where […]

Food is Medicine as Disruptive Innovation

Trina Ragain, MSPH, President and Chief Eccentric of Eccentricity Consulting and formerly of Operation Food Search, kicked off the Aug. 24, 2022, Food is Medicine Learning Collaborative at the Sunflower Nonprofit Center’s Powerhouse Education Center with the presentation “Food is Medicine as Disruptive Innovation.”

Access to Nature

Spending time in nature is important to our health – both for our physical and mental well-being. However, not everyone has the access and ability to enjoy the outdoors. Whether the barriers are structural, systemic, or societal, the opportunity to experience nature’s healing powers remains out of reach for far too many Americans. Some organizations […]

Cultivating a Food is Medicine approach

Recording of the Food is Medicine Zoom meeting on Nov. 19, 2021. The recording starts abruptly a few minutes into the meeting and Dr. Marianna Wetherill’s presentation.

The Fresh Rx Story

Trina Ragain, MSPH, of Eccentricity Consulting, LLC, and formerly of Operation Food Search in St. Louis, took to the podium again at the Aug. 24, 2022, Food is Medicine Learning Collaborative to talk about her experience with Operation Food Search’s Fresh Rx: Nourishing Healthy Starts program. The program targets food insecurity in expectant mothers.

Healing Hill

A brief history of the more than 100 years in pioneering health care that has been done on the hill west of Topeka. First by the Knights and Ladies of Security Benefit Association (later to become simply Security Benefit Association, and then Security Benefit), then by Menninger Foundation and Clinic, and finally by Sunflower Foundation. […]

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