Who We AreAbout Sunflower

At the Sunflower Foundation, we are frequently reminded that our work is not defined by what we do in the office — rather, it is defined by the connections we make throughout the course of that work.

These connections include those with our grantees and the Kansans they serve, as well as with colleagues and community members across the state. Such connections often lead to strong, collaborative partnerships that pursue work that — in some way or another — fulfills the Sunflower Foundation’s core mission: To serve as a catalyst for improving the health of Kansans.

Our work is fundamentally a continuous learning process, as we try to better understand the needs of our grantee organizations and the opportunities and challenges they face. The first step of each project is building relationships and getting to know an organization and its culture. We listen and explore ideas together, and then we build our programs around the grantee — not around what we think the grantee ought to be. We believe this leads to more effective grantmaking.

We are proud to be part of Kansas’ health philanthropy community. We believe that Kansas' health foundations go about their work — whether on their own or sometimes together with one another — in such a way that itself catalyzes the work each of us does.