Statement of Financial Position

AssetsJune 30, 2017
Cash and investments
Property, fixed assets and other assets
Total assets
Liabilities and Net Assets 
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Grants payable
Total liabilities
Unrestricted net assets
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets

Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets

 Year Ended
Support and RevenueJune 30, 2017
Investment income, net of expenses
Total income

Grants and Expenses
Grant awards
Grant awards (refunds/adjustments)($272,623)   
Special initiatives
Program and general administrative expenses
Total grants and expenses
Change in net assets  $7,581,391   
Net assets, beginning of fiscal year
Net assets, end of fiscal year$87,432,144   

The above amounts are from the foundation's fiscal year 2017 unaudited financial statements.
A copy of the foundation's audited financial statements can be requested after December 14, 2017.