Health Care

Access to Health Care

Kansas University Endowment Association, Douglas - $168,605
The endowment will support a KU Law School graduate to serve as a Fellow, staff the Medical Legal Partnership clinic, and oversee a large scope of work.


Center for Practical Bioethics, Johnson - $10,000
The center will host a small group of leaders from across the country to discuss the current state of palliative care and how they can collectively work together.

Integrated Care Initiative

E C Tyree Health & Dental Clinic, Sedgwick - $198,033
The clinic will transition its service delivery to become an integrated practice and will address its organizational capacity needs.

Valeo Behavioral Health Care, Shawnee - $200,000
The clinic will expand current primary care hours at St. Francis Primary Care at Valeo, from 10 hours per week to 30 hours per week. This two-year grant will help the clinic with increased staffing costs during the transition to sustainability.

Mental Health

Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc., Shawnee - $55,920
The association will partner with the National Council for Behavioral Health to present 12 Case to Care Management Training sessions at various locations across the state, projected to reach 720 people.

Healthy Living and Active Lifestyles

Sunflower Trails

Central Kansas Conservancy, McPherson - $39,937
The conservancy will develop and enhance 2.75 miles of trail, limestone screenings spread six inches deep and eight feet wide.

City of Dodge City, Ford - $21,475
The city will rebuild and expand an existing trail in Thurow Park. The new trail will be 3,050 feet long, 10 feet wide, and paved with asphalt.

City of Kingman, Kingman - $16,659
The city will install lighting along a 5,800-foot concrete trail.

City of Mound City, Linn - $43,750
The city will construct and enhance a trail connecting the elementary school to the city park. The concrete trail will be 3,900 feet long and six feet wide.

City of Mount Hope, Sedgwick - $25,000
The city will install lighting along a 4,560-foot trail in a city park that connects to school property.

Garden City Recreation Commission, Finney - $30,000
The commission will expand the existing walking trail at Finnup Park by adding 3,330-foot-long, eight-foot-wide asphalt path.

Marshall County Connections, Inc., Marshall - $25,170
The organization will construct the Kansas portion of the Blue River Rail Trail. The project will link Marietta to the Nebraska border with a 4.2-mile, eight-foot-wide limestone trail.

Nickerson Elementary School USD #309, Reno - $15,000
The school district will build a 0.37-mile-long, six-foot-wide concrete trail.

Outside For A Better Inside, Inc., Douglas - $48,474
The organization will build and enhance a 2,537-foot-long, 10-foot-wide concrete trail.

Scott Community Foundation, Scott - $55,000
The foundation will expand the existing Happy Trails with a 4,973-foot-long, six-foot-wide, concrete trail and enhancements in Palmer Park.

USD #232 De Soto-Mize Elementary, Johnson - $10,129
The school district will build a .3-mile-long, six-foot-wide limestone trail that will loop around the soccer fields behind the school.

USD #233 Olathe and Bentwood Elementary, Johnson - $11,550
The school district will build a 1,320-foot-long, five-foot-wide asphalt trail that will loop around the playing field and connect to the school’s playground.

USD #305 and Heusner Elementary, Saline - $15,000
The school district will build a 1,320-foot-long, six-foot-wide concrete trail that loops around the playground.

USD #469 Lansing, Leavenworth - $19,550
The school district will build 3,400-foot-long, 10-foot-wide concrete trail that will stretch from Lansing High School to 147th Street.

USD #491 Eudora Schools, Douglas - $19,884
The school district will build a 2,620-foot-long, 10-foot wide asphalt trail that will loop around the back of the school and connect several access points.

Special Projects

Kansas Trails Council, Shawnee - $25,000
The council will deploy three additional “Trail in a Box” trailers, which are stocked with trail construction tools for temporary use by community volunteers and organizations.

Kansas Trails Council, Shawnee - $10,000
The council will purchase a trailer to hold equipment for trail building and maintenance.

Kansas Wildscape Foundation, Douglas - $105,000
This three-year grant will allow the Kansas Wildscape Foundation and several key partners to fully develop, mobilize and promote GetOutdoorsKansas: a coalition movement and interactive website that will help the public both list and locate all Kansas outdoor activities connected to healthy, active lifestyles.

KC Healthy Kids, Wyandotte - $35,000
This three-year grant will support the Kansas Built Environment and the Outdoors Summit, the annual conference focused on creating and sustaining environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice.

University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., Douglas - $65,000
This center at KU will examine group problem-solving behavior in natural and office-like environments. The findings from the research will help inform nature-based interventions to improve productivity and promote health and wellbeing.

Capacity Building

Attica Hospital District #1, Harper - $16,282
The hospital will purchase materials and consulting services related to addressing cultural change in the long-term care setting.

Barton County Health Department, Barton - $24,624
The heath department will purchase electronic signage that will be used for preventive education and public health messages in English and Spanish.

Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, Douglas - $20,290
The health center will purchase servers and develop a new database related to the Working to Recognize Alternative Possibilities program.

Caritas Clinics, Inc., Wyandotte - $18,124
Caritas will train staff on ICD-10 coding at their Duchesne and Saint Vincent Clinics.

Center for Health and Wellness, Inc., Sedgwick - $21,314
The center will develop a new website and update lobby-based technology to allow patients to access health records and resources.

Central Kansas Foundation, Saline - $30,658
The foundation will purchase tablets, software, signature pads, wireless equipment, and installation service.

Central Kansas Mental Health Center, Saline - $25,000
The center will purchase new computers, software, phones, and a copier for recently added staff.

Central Plains Health Care Partnership, Sedgwick - $24,000
The partnership will purchase donor-tracking software, related training and services from two consulting firms for board, volunteer and staff training to execute a comprehensive development plan.

Cheyenne County Hospital, Cheyenne - $22,098
The hospital will purchase computers, monitors, backup equipment, terminal workstations, software, and locking storage cart.

CLASS LTD, Cherokee - $15,678
The organization will purchase computer workstations, tablets and related apps, projectors, and server equipment.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, Crawford - $40,000
The health center will purchase a phone system.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, Crawford - $20,000
The health center has expanded its Iola clinic from dental only to include primary care, requiring new IT hardware and installation.

Community Health Council of Wyandotte County, Wyandotte - $18,222
The council will purchase a laptop, website development services, video camera, and online documentation software. 

Community HealthCare System, Inc., Pottawatomie - $20,000
The organization will seek consultation related to creating a hospital foundation to help ensure organizational sustainability.

Douglas County Dental Clinic, Inc., Douglas - $7,670
The clinic will purchase workstations and software.

El Centro De Servicios Para Hispanosa, Shawnee - $2,819
The clinic will purchase computers, software, and a copier.

Elizabeth Layton Center, Inc., Franklin - $21,940
The clinic will expand the current phone system and purchase laptops.

First Care Clinic Inc., Ellis - $28,305
The clinic will contract with a consultant for data extraction and data conversion needs.  

GraceMed, Inc., Sedgwick - $11,987
The clinic will connect its network and phone system to a new location.

Harper Hospital District #5, Harper - $22,176
The hospital will purchase a server, software, licenses, laptops, and technical services.

Health Partnership Clinic, Johnson - $20,488
The clinic will purchase a new phone system.

Heartland Medical Clinic, Douglas - $26,690
The clinic will purchase software, a server, a copier/print, and hardware.

Homecare & Hospice, Inc., Riley - $11,712
The organization will purchase tablets.

Horizons Mental Health Center, Reno - $15,878
The center will purchase hardware and software for a digital recording system.

Inter-Faith Ministries, Sedgwick - $18,220
The organization will purchase computers and technical services.

Iroquois Center for Human Development, Inc., Kiowa - $30,000
The center will purchase servers as well as installation and training services.

Kansas Advocates for Better Care, Inc., Douglas - $8,455
The organization will enhance communications, including transitioning to internal management of the website, a multiuse copier, audio conferencing capacity, and web-based training capacity.

Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters Inc., Sedgwick - $6,196
The organization will purchase tablets and cases for area program directors.

Kansas CASA Association, Ellis - $31,387
The organization will purchase licenses, servers, annual subscriptions, travel, and technical assistance.

Kansas Food Bank, Sedgwick - $31,936
The organization will purchase servers, battery backup equipment, software, and training.

Kiowa District Hospital, Barber - $30,000
The hospital will train staff on electronic health records software.

Lawrence Meals on Wheels, Douglas - $1,900
The organization will purchase computers, software, and technical services.

Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, Douglas - $13,770
The health department will hire a health information technology intern and purchase conference and travel expenses for three staff members.

Lindsborg Community Hospital, McPherson - $25,537
The hospital will upgrade its phone system.

Logan County Hospital, Logan - $25,000
The hospital will purchase computers with software.

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas, Sedgwick - $32,269
The association will purchase computer workstations and monitors.

Midland Care Connection, Inc., Shawnee - $12,003
The organization will replace outdated on-site servers with three virtualization management servers.

Morris County Hospital, Morris - $39,950
The hospital will upgrade its phone system.

Pawnee Mental Health Services, Inc., Riley - $23,616
The organization will upgrade its phone system.

Prairie View, Inc., Harvey - $11,455
The organization will purchase a desktop computer, website development, and software license.

Rawlins County Health Center, Rawlins - $18,308
The health center will purchase tablets, a server, and software.

Senior Services, Inc. of Wichita, Sedgwick - $14,308
The organization will upgrade its phone system.

Sheridan County Health Complex, Sheridan - $25,000
The health system will purchase a pharmacy component of its electronic health records system.

South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Butler - $25,000
The center will purchase workstations and software.

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, Wyandotte - $21,467
The clinic will purchase a new server, laptops, and a cooling unit for its server room.

Special Olympics Kansas, Johnson - $13,459
The organization upgrade its phone system.

Sunflower Diversified Services, Barton - $25,000
The organization will purchase workforce management software, a computer, a battery backup system, a server, tablets, and associated training.

Tiyospaye, Inc., Sedgwick - $20,768
The organization will purchase software licenses, a server, desktop computers, and laptops.

Trego County Health Department, Trego - $2,678
The health department will purchase a copier.

Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital, Trego - $25,000
The hospital will purchase HIPAA-compliant exchange server software, additional hard drive storage capacity, RAM for the existing virtual server, implementation services, and training expenses.

Turner House Clinic for Children, Wyandotte - $9,564
The clinic will purchase case management software.

Unified Government Public Health Department, Wyandotte - $18,250
The health department will update client data storage and retrieval system, including document interface with its electronic health records system.

Public Information, Education and Special Initiatives

Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc., Shawnee - $25,000
The association will contract with consultants to provide data gathering and analytic services aimed at creating a shared-risk funding model.

Enroll America, statewide - $500,000
This national organization works to increase enrollment in public and private insurance through their "Get Covered America" website and media campaigns. The website answers questions for consumers, connecting them with assistors and navigators in their local markets, and connects them to where they can sign up for health insurance. Funds will be used to purchase expertise, production, and advertising via television, radio, and digital media.

Grantmakers in Health, national - $25,000
This national organization will review their current membership guidelines (which are currently focused on health foundations) to see what impact a broader community of funding organizations might have in furthering the organization’s mission.

Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved, Shawnee - $5,000
Support for the Integrated Care Forum at the KAMU 2013 Annual Conference.  

Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Shawnee - $70,000
Support for KDHE’s two-year Health Homes Learning Collaborative for providers who contract with the KanCare MCOs.

Kansas Health Consumer Coalition, Shawnee - $11,336
Support for strategic planning. 

Kansas Health Institute, Shawnee - $10,000
Onoing support for the KHI News Service.

Kansas Hospital Association, Shawnee - $50,000
The association will complete an environmental scan and analysis of potential means of expanding the Medicaid program in Kansas.

Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation, Shawnee - $10,000
The foundation will support which collects health-related statistical data in one location.

Topeka Community Foundation, Shawnee - $109,200
The Shawnee County Safety Net Summit Group is working with a national consultant to evaluate how to enhance the health care safety-net system and expand access to high-quality, affordable primary care services to underserved populations in the county. 

Topeka Community Foundation, Shawnee - $50,000
A grant to the ACA Opportunity Fund, which is a collaborative project supported by the Kansas Grantmakers in Health. The fund is used for activities that support KGIH goals, such as outreach and enrollment efforts, building capacity in the health care system, enhancing the knowledge and engagement of health care consumers, and supporting advocates who work on these issues.

YWCA of Topeka, Shawnee - $10,000
This grant will support YWCA’s Women’s Leadership Academy, which is a forum for aspiring professional women aimed at promoting a healthier and balanced workforce, as well as supporting a network of women leaders in Kansas.