Financials from Fiscal Year 2014

Statement of Financial Position

AssetsJune 30, 2014
Cash and investments$96,190,969
Fixed assets and other assets$170,642
Total assets$96,361,611
Liabilities and Net Assets 
Accounts payable and accrued expenses$244,681
Grants payable$3,998,008
Total liabilities$4,242,689
Unrestricted net assets$92,118,922
Total net assets$92,118,922
Total liabilities and net assets$96,361,611


Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets

 Year Ended
Support and RevenueJune 30, 2014
Investment income, net of expenses$13,155,056
Total income$13,155,056
Grants and Expenses 
Grant awards$3,229,787
Grand awards (refunds/adjustments)($122,374)
Special initiatives$716,317
Program and general administrative expenses$882,914
Total grants and expenses$4,706,644
Change in net assets$8,448,412
Net assets, beginning of fiscal year$83,670,510
Net assets, end of fiscal year$92,118,922

The above amounts are from the foundation's fiscal year 2014 audited financial statements. A copy of the foundation's audited financial statements is available upon request.