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Helping focus on the legal factors that can hurt — or help — health

Improving health isn't always achieved by providing traditional health care. Sometimes, vulnerable populations face serious challenges with not only accessing health care, but achieving and maintaining better health. These barriers are known as social determinants of health.

The foundation's Medical-Legal Partnership initiative recognizes that external forces can contribute to the overall health and well-being of Kansans.

Through this program, attorneys work as a team with medical providers and clinic staff to help clients with legal barriers that may be contributing to health conditions they are experiencing.

Often times, legal concerns such as unsafe housing conditions, accessing disability benefits, domestic violence and other needs related to consumer law come to light during medical appointments.

Because unmet legal concerns can have a significant impact on a person’s health and wellbeing, it’s important that they are treated as part of the individual’s health care. This can best be done through partnerships between the medical professionals who encounter the intersection of legal concerns and health needs, and legal professionals who are equipped to help consumers resolve their consumer law concerns.

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